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Wow, this is like, the ultimate youtube poop, and it isn't a youtube poop. But it brings back memories, hahhh.

You really recreated that nauseating mid 90's pixel animation.

Samination responds:

The ultimate poop that's not a poop! I liek the sound of that. Thanks man.


And in other news, people still don't understand satire.

I expected most of you guys were smarter than this. No idea why...


Let's see him try to hold THAT up in the air triumphantly.

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Well, what can I say...

I've never been able to criticize your games in any meaningful way, so, let me just say I enjoy this experience very much. The scale was rather small for a platformer, but that's to be expected, as it is your first venture into the genre. And the gameplay elements that you have developed are very strong and make for a challenging but honorable game.

Also, not that I'm the first person to say this, but it would be nice to see some other kinds of areas rather than the well-worn archtypes that have been in the last few games.

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Oh, what the hell

Great innovative gameplay concept, puts a fresh spin on a well worn genre. Leaves me wanting more.

But really, it shows how much humor can do for your game. Probably wouldn't have been as good if you had taken yourself too seriously here.

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Reduced price

So, is this what goes on inside a jar of overdue mayo? Euuugh, I shudder to think.

This is a fun game without making things too complicated. Just picked it up and went at it.

Would be nice if we didn't have to go to the merchants every time we wanted to change our equipment.

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Dinosaurs in the bible?!

Which one is John the Baptist? Poor dude is so girly looking that Dan Brown created his own bullshit lore about it.

Good artistry

This is a very well textured and well lit piece. The subject matter doesn't move me.

While it is good to appreciate some of his deeds in life, I, like some others here, acknowledge that he did some truly evil things. None of you should forget that.

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Is it Tetris?

It's Tetris, isn't it?

That really won the war for the Soviets.

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